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Immortal Regiment

Immortal Regiment - Commemoration of World War II Victory Day 

May 9, 2017, Albany.  The New Russia Cultural Center held a public event - "The Immortal Regiment".  

immortal regiment

The event started at 6 pm by the exit of Washington Park at the crossroads of South Lake Street and Hudson Ave and continued into the "Russian Building", located at 400 Hudson Ave, Albany, NY.  
The Immortal Regiment is an international public event on Victory Day, during which the participants march on the streets and carry banners with the photographic portraits of their relatives who fought against fascism in World War II.


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Торжественный Вечер посвященный Дню Победы!
9 мая в 6:30 час, 1 этаж, столовая, "Руссский билдинг"

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В программе:
Звучат песни времен войны и о войне.
Поздравление с праздником
Вручение цветов ветеранам.

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Артист Юрий Наумкин читает Твардовского "Гармонь".
Звучит песня «День Победы» в исполнении всех участников вечера.




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